With a dedication and passion for perfection, two brothers embarked on a journey to build a supercar combining the body to rival a Ferrari and the handling to surpass most supercars. Their passion has seen them develop one of the quickest and lightest track cars in the world today, the Spartan 

   The styling of the Spartan is raw and minimalistic - spartan. Carbon-fibre body panels with quick-release fasteners, fully-adjustable Ohlins racing shock absorbers and exposed suspension components reinforce the aggressive form and function of the product. The chassis is not only lightweight but extremely tough. It’s a tubular spaceframe design providing superior stiffness. There’s a traditional chrome gear stick and round knob.

The Honda Type-R engine is at the heart and soul of this very special car. Combined with its super-lightweight construction, low centre of gravity and spectacular braking, it makes for one hell of an engaging drive.

The Spartan will be limited to just 300 units.

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